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Creating savings through consolidation

Castrol’s AIME division maintains a presence at over a dozen industry exhibitions every year. In the past, this was delivered externally by different agencies with different specialisms in different parts of the world, and all managed centrally by a single person within Castrol. The AIME team recognised there was an opportunity to create process efficiency and cost savings across the annual event calendar by bringing in a single agency to administer the entire process.  Naturally, they turned to us. We are one of only a handful of agencies globally with the expertise and experience in-house to provide this kind of full service, end-to-end event management. Our exhibitions experts are focused on delivering the best possible exhibition programme, for the best possible value in the easiest possible way.

Managing Issues And Building Trust

The biggest challenge in implementing any strategy of this size and scale lies in issues of trust and the perceived loss of control that can affect the client if the transition isn’t managed correctly.

Clear feedback and communication are critical parts of our strategy for Castrol AIME, and we put detailed plans in place over four months before every event. Regularly scheduled conference calls and systematised updates on all aspects of every project ensure that the AIME team are never left in the dark on any aspect of the 500 projects taking place across five continents.

We provide one central point of contact for AIME and manage every aspect of the exhibitions process including transport logistics, stand design and build, accommodation, pre and post show marketing, data capture and CRM.

Efficiencies And Effective End-To-End Management

Using template exhibition stand designs, we have priced the entire year’s exhibition strategy by the meter. In this way, we have demonstrated clear and significant cost-savings on previous years whilst also ensuring coherent integration through all channels associated with the events programme.

We build on this transparent pre-event project management by offering two levels of on-site management on the day: a Build Site Foreman to ensure clean and effective set-up and Brand Ambassadors to manage AV, stand dressing, catering, and branding and competitor analysis during the event.

Crucially, the layer of management we provide across all AIME event activity means that the Castrol team is kept informed at every stage, whilst only being involved where strictly necessary. Our single contact individual functions almost as if she were one of their internal employees.

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