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Creating a mechanic to gauge uptake

When your product ends up as a component of another business' product, it can be challenging to create meaning and engagement with either the end customer or with the salesperson in between. Castrol EDGE Professional briefed us to develop a promotion campaign that would not only encourage VW dealerships to place Castrol's marketing material into their customer vehicles, but also provide a way of tracking and reporting dealer participation as a function of consumer participation in the promotion.

Listen To This

This promotion needed to recognise the partnership with Castrol EDGE Professional and Volkswagen in Germany. Our advertising, digital and shopper marketing experts quickly oiled up a promotional strategy for customers to win music vouchers for a free music download.

VW and Castrol EDGE Professional Dealerships were encouraged to register to take part in the promotion and were given the chance to win tickets to the UEFA Euro 2012 or football merchandise for themselves. The promotion was placed inside customer cars that were serviced and dealership brochures were created to further explain the promotion and its endorsement by both Castrol and VW.

The entire campaign was handled via a website that was used to first register the interested dealerships and then to monitor the unique tracking codes assigned to each participating dealership to create digital QR codes which would track both customer voucher wins and dealer uptake. These codes were printed to each dealership's mirror hangers and distributed across Germany.


The Result?

Over 500 dealerships participated in the promotion with over 998 customers checking to see if they won a prize. As it turned out, many of them were lucky enough to receive a free instant music download.

Crucially, the unique code strategy for this promotion meant that Castrol and VW were able to track and gauge the success of the campaign at the dealership level.

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