Castrol Industrial Campaign

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Castrol Industrial

Change from the inside out

As a part of BP, Castrol Industrial is the global leader in industrial lubricants and oil services. But when you’re big, people can overlook the technical brilliance and innovation behind your business. Castrol asked us to help them re-affirm the brand's position and to change the way their products were seen in the industries they serve. It was time for a change. Both externally in messaging, as well as internally in changing how Castrol's own people saw the innovative and ground-breaking technological advances that the Castrol engineers were creating on a daily basis.

Get Inside Everything

Our approach to changing these perceptions began from the inside out, creating a new way of looking at Castrol Industrial. Rather than beginning with advertising, we began with internal comms.

The first strategic step was in developing a bespoke digital training academy and sales environment that helped to galvanise and energise employees globally.

This initiative resulted in a heightened sense of pride in the brand, and from here we built our external comms.

Change the Way We Talk About the Product

Building on the insights of the strategy work and internal communications successes, our integrated campaigns utilised our experts from agency, digital, direct, media and events to create an idea big enough that it would work across all of Castrol's B2B sectors, in all channels across the world.

By using x-rays of complex inner workings, supported by solid engineering facts, our 'Technology Inside' campaign changed the focus of the message to the machines that the product ultimately supports. This new platform emphasised Castrol’s quality, innovation and expertise, making the product the hero and creating space for the brand in a market that had adopted a 'people and service' approach to brand messages.

The result?

Castrol Industrial reported that their staff were feeling proud and motivated, and the change to making the technical excellence of their products the feature of their campaigns led to their best ever year in 2011.

Stuart Newland, Castrol Industrial Offer Development Manager had this to say:

"Bray Leino’s approach is sensational. Their insight and integrated creative solution fuelled a positive change for us – increasing both staff motivation and results across the board."

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