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Castrol’s Team Hahn wins the European Truck Racing final

It was the finale of the European Truck Racing Championship at Le Mans late last year, and some of our guys were there with Castrol to document the astounding against-the-odds victory of their liveried Castrol Team Hahn truck.

Before the last event of the season, Castrol Team Hahn driver Jochen Hahn found himself going into the final 11 points behind his arch rival, Spaniard Antonio Albacete. But over three races he managed to pull his team back into the lead and finish victorious for the third year in a row.

Our guys were there to deliver full-access photo and video coverage of the whole day’s action. They rigged the truck with a network of hi tech camera equipment, capturing the full hair-raising trauma involved in trying to drive one of these beasts.

The mighty Castrol Team Hahn vehicle, based on a model by leading truck manufacturer and Castrol partner MAN, generates a whopping 1200bhp and is capable of speeds in excess of 220kph.

Congratulations to Castrol, MAN and all the members of Castrol Team Hahn on an awesome title victory; the post-race celebrations continued into the early hours, though we’re reliably informed that all Bray Leino people were in bed by 2am.

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