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Advanced molecular technology in 3D

The petroleum additives formulated, manufactured and marketed by Infineum can be found in a third of all engines. Their products help major oil companies and lubricant producers worldwide develop more effective high-performance lubricants and fuels.

The newest, Infineum SV160, is a next generation viscosity modifier designed to meet current and future industry challenges.

When Infineum asked us to deliver a launch campaign, for inspiration, we used its advanced molecular technology.

It’s viscosity molecule became the hero visual device across all comms, press, online and live events, to drive curiosity around the product.

We built a holographic 3D visual of the molecule to activate the campaign within Infineum’s live event strategy, as part of an exhibition display designed to grab people’s attention and provoke conversation.

This was the first time anyone had attempted a 3D interpretation of a viscosity molecule, so our digital experts worked closely with Infineum’s research team to capture its real characteristics and behaviours.

The final design was rendered with a high depth of field to give a ‘microscopic’ impression, and projected using advanced holographic prism technology from REALFICTION™.

Infineum’s George Hartless said: “The product is an innovation on a molecular level, so it makes sense to make the molecule the star of the launch campaign. The holographic representation brings it to life and emphasises the advanced technological message that we know resonates with our audience.”

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