Take away memories

When attending your live event, guests and delegates are coming to learn something new and, hopefully, to share their new knowledge with colleagues and partners.

It's a time to start new relationships and strengthen existing ones. It's work, but it's also about having a little bit of fun. In other words, you want your guests to take away something more than a bag of goodies - you want them to take away inspiration.

Yet it’s not just effective conferences that inspire people, it’s extraordinary ones; events that create a shared and engaging atmosphere; encouraging participation, etching indelible memories and valued experiences.

That’s why we begin every conference project with strategic thinking, shaped into a big idea, with the UnLimited arsenal of top-level communications and engagement specialisms at our disposal.

We have the capabilities and experiences to match this thinking. And because we’ve delivered more than 100 events in the last 18 months alone, engaging groups from five to 1000, using every resource available, in-house, within an integrated, multi discipline communications agency. From simple graphics to film-making, exhibition design to experiential, you can be sure that strategic thinking will end up creating memories worth sharing.

Our complete conferencing service leaves you with nothing to worry about during an event, other than focusing on your delegates and taking away some inspirational memories of your own.


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For a little inspiration of your own, here are some recent events we've helped make extraordinary.

Concurrent Conferences Confidently

Concurrent Conferences Confidently

Coordinating 1 conference is usually enough. But not for our experts! We helped manage 3 events simultaneously across Europe and the UK, bringing memorable experiences that inspired.
Ambassadors of growth

Ambassadors of growth

How do you put your most valuable Distributors from around the world at the world’s greatest sporting event? Call Bray Leino.