/About us

Bray Leino started out 40 years ago, back when flares were cool, transport in deepest Devon was a challenge and the communications industry lived almost exclusively in London. There were those who scoffed at the idea of creating a successful Devon-based agency to rival its London peers. But we did it anyway.

We did it by holding true to the same beliefs we embrace today, placing our Clients’ needs above everything and serving them effectively, with strength of service and inspiring creativity.

Even back in those early days we were a unique specimen and this characteristic hasn’t diminished over time. Clients and visitors often remark upon the distinctiveness of our approach and our culture. David Wethey at Agency Assessments once said ‘they are an agency like no other, and have evolved into something unique, as if they are on The Galapagos Islands’.

It’s our out-of-London locations that have allowed us to take our own path rather than just fall in with the industry crowd. Our development and selection of services has been driven by our UnLimited vision of offering everything our Clients need, in a truly integrated way. And our Devon and Bristol locations, which afford significantly lower operational costs than some of our London-based counterparts, have allowed us to focus on helping Clients embrace change in the right way, at the right time, using the right tools. 

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change."


The first 20 years of change

Back in the 70s, two friends decided to leave their successful London agency jobs and set up their own operation in Devon. They created the moniker by combining their wives’ maiden names. Some people said they were mad, but Bray Leino was born.

Those first years were punctuated by some great work with a number of health Clients, including our first TV commercial for Medijel and a debut in the consumer arena with the iconic Ginsters brand. Some of the very first Clients from that era, like Dendron and Diomed Developments, whose famous Freederm and Bazuka brands we helped launch, are still with us today.

The second 20 years of change

With solid foundations established in the advertising arena, Bray Leino began to acquire knowledge and expertise in other sectors as we responded to our Client needs. Here are a few landmarks:


World Wide Web started by Tim Berners-Lee. We saw its significance and started our own digital operation shortly afterwards.


First Events stand built for CPI at a show in London (We now deliver almost 100 events in 22 countries across the globe in fashion, oil & gas and healthcare).


Started our training business working with BT and last year over 30,000 employees experienced one of our learning events.


Delivered our first fully integrated marketing campaign involving digital, advertising, PR and shopper marketing for Ibuleve and now 70% of our campaigns involved more than 4 different consumer touch-points.


Bought and planned £10m of media space and started installing digital screen networks in shopping centres, railway stations and retailers.


Designed and built our first eLearning programme for Cathay Pacific on Crisis Management at the new Hong Kong airport.


Acquired by The Mission Marketing Group PLC. Opened our Bristol office and we now have 5 offices across the UK, including London.


Topped £50m sales and we are now one of the largest Agencies outside London.


Delivered the National Census campaign and solved the biggest marketing challenge in its history with a 94% response rate.


Awarded the UK's No. 1 B2B Agency (B2B Marketing magazine), having worked with BP since 1996 and promote their products & services across the globe.


Appointed to GPS rosters for both Digital and Direct Marketing services and received the IPA Gold accreditation award for CPD.

And today...

By defining a set of values and behaviours that help us make decisions about everything we do, being clear, open, astute, ingenious, caring and brave we've created a commercial yet highly creative culture designed to build trust and confidence in our people and our service.

We take the 'caring' part very seriously and have worked with 'Business in the Community' for the last ten years, helping businesses be better for the communities around them. Everyone at Bray Leino is passionate about working with Clients who share our environmental and ethical principles.

By helping our Clients thrive in an ever-changing world, we aim to become the most recommended marketing agency in the UK. Easier said than done? Absolutely. But then, we have a history of adapting to the changing environment and evolving in ways that confound our doubters, and our net promoter score of +67% suggest we’re well on the way to achieving our aim.